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From its inception, Vida Yoga has been full of life. Currently the Yoga climate in the Boston Area is one that remains exclusive and unattainable to many for various reasons. VY wants to break the barriers of language and cost to make it more accessible to the community. Yoga is for all


The program is an Ashtanga based program that allows the student to progress at their own pace. While still rigorous enough for seasoned students, the sequence is given at a level that is not intimidating to the new student. The students work on their own under the supervision and guidance of the instructor who is able to provide assistance in English and Spanish. 


Vida Yoga is also committed to breaking down cost barriers. With a few community pricing options, VY strives to make Yoga accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic status. Ask us about the different price offerings.


We just want to bring the world together. 



Currently no physical location. However, look to our new YouTube for virtual classes **COMING SOON**


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