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A yoga program for the community

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional practice that cultivates and harnesses the deep healing power of synchronizing breath with movement. Students practice a specific sequence of postures at their own pace, while the teacher offers one-on-one insight and adjustments to each student. Practicing in this way is called Mysore-style. This unique method of yoga practice allows for students of varying physical abilities to create a sacred space together.

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Read about our philosophy on accessibility to the community and find out how to join us.

"The duty of the teacher is just to encourage, to facilitate, and inspire practice. It's not actually to tell a student how to live their life. It's to present the tool and to teach how to use it and give responsibility to the student to be aware."

David Swenson

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Currently no physical location

However, look to our new YouTube page for

vitual instruction **COMING SOON**




The instructor Andy is great! She is very good at creating a welcoming environment while pushing you to get the most out of each pose at your own comfort level. My stress and tension levels have definitely reduced since starting classes here. Highly recommend.

Andrew V.

I love how the instructor makes you feel at ease from the beginning by stating it is a no judgement free environment and respects your space as far as adjustments and positioning. My perception of yoga classes used to be stuffy, too intense, and uncomfortable but not here! I leave feeling relaxed, happy, and satisfied every class.

Khayista V.

The instructor was excellent and friendly. She took her time explaining and easing the class into the different poses. I enjoyed that she took her time in going around and correcting our poses. I will be going again.

Luis C.


Currently no physical location. However, look to our new YouTube for virtual classes **COMING SOON**


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